Banana Whip

This is such an indulgent start to the day, almost like having ice-cream for breakfast.

Such a versatile base that you can add any of your favourite toppings to, a handful of roasted nuts, fresh berries, or even dark chocolate chips would make this a fun start to any morning. Just remember to freeze your chopped banana the night before.

>> Ingredients (for 2 small side serves or 1 breakfast bowl)

1 banana, chopped and frozen
1 tablespoon coconut oil
½ teaspoon vanilla extract

>> Method

> Make sure you have a chopped banana in the freezer the night before to be ready to go in the morning, smaller chopping should lessen the impact on your food processor when it starts.

> Place the frozen banana into a food processor, pulse first to break it down a little and then blitz until it starts to get smoother.

>When it does add the coconut oil and vanilla, keep blitzing until it becomes silky smooth.

Add to a bowl and top with anything that you really love. Dark chocolate chips would be a very fun start to the day and a granola sprinkle would be a great texture contrast and fibre boost.

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