World Mental Health Day food for mental health
World Mental Health Day food for mental health

World Mental Health Day

Today is World Mental Health Day.

‘every 40 seconds someone dies by suicide’
World Health Organisation – 2018

It’s an impactful statistic, made even more sombre by the fact that 25 other people in that 40 seconds attempted to end their lives.

This is mental death – a result of poor mental health

We need to accept that this is the current reality of the modern world that affects everyone. You, me, we, all have mental health, it is not an affliction of others – we all have it, and we need to recognise it in ourselves.

Physical health is rarely ignored, we notice when others are in physical pain, you let people know when you have a bad back, a sore knee or a headache, but when did you last tell someone you felt overwhelmed, you were anxious or feeling incredibly sad? And be honest – when did you last ask yourself how you were, how you were feeling?

We need to recognise our own mental health and acknowledge how it is at any given time – it fluctates, we feel good, we feel bad, we feel happy, we feel sad, it’s not who we are – it’s how you feel right now.

It’s in our nature to help others but make mental health start with you – it’s not selfish, recognising your personal mood is the best thing you can do for you and others.

Check in, join in. End ignorance to and embrace your own mental health.

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We are here to help, OUR MISSION > Improve mental health through food.

Our belief and scientific research is demonstrating that diet can affect your mood, from personal experience it is not as simple as eating to be happy that is why we have developed a holistic and cyclical approach to mental wellbeing and good mental health.

Our Eat Well > Be Well > Feel Well active philosiphy recognises that what we eat, how we are and how we feel are interconnected and a mindful approach to them can lead to good mental health.

Ideas for eating well, fitness tips, wellbeing notes and some great music soundtracks to mental wellness. > Great Starts Right Here

World Mental Health Day food for mental health