Eat well to be well to feel well

feeling well is a careful balance between a healthy diet, exercise and positive intentions

When eating for mental health a more holistic approach to your lifestyle and wellbeing needs to be taken. We often deem healthy living as consumption of the foods that are supposed to be good for us and avoid those that are considered detrimental to physiological health, but the reality of eating to feel well is a careful balance between what we eat, what we do, and how we feel when we are doing it.

Eating well is great but if day to day living is stressful and anxiety inducing then chances are you are not getting the benefits of a good diet.

Being too tired to exercise or put aside time to think and plan contribute just as much to poor mental health which sadly is on the rise.

We like treating breakfast as a time to set good intentions and plan the day, energised by the early morning sun and a breakfast to get you off to a great start.